Employee COVID-19 Reporting Process for Online and In-Person Students

Employees should follow this process if a student discloses to that they have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing COVIDlike symptoms. 

Employees will:

  • Notify the student that a College official will follow up with them for more details.

    • Students that are exposed and not symptomatic are clear to be on campus with mask regulations. 
  • Email COVIDReporting@collegeofthedesert.edu with the following information: 
    • Student Name
    • Course Number (if applicable)
    • Student ID
    • Student Phone Number
    • Student preferred Email

What happens next?

A member of the COVID Reporting Team will contact the student for more information, and will provide the student with the appropriate next steps. 

  • Students will be contacted for a contact tracing interview and asked for information, including:
    • Date of last contact with a COVID-19 positive person
    • Date of the onset of symptoms (if there are any)
    • Where and when a COVID-19 test was taken
    • Students must provide a copy of their COVID-19 test

For any questions, please email covidreporting@collegeofthedesert.edu