California ECE Mentoring Program

The California Early Childhood Mentor Program values and promotes relationship-based professional development as the key to increasing the quality of Early Care and Education environments for all children. In order to achieve a stable and high quality ECE workforce, we provide a combination of benefits to the field.

The activities promote: success among college students who aspire to teach by supporting them with hands-on integration of theory and practice; improved practice among administrators by providing them with management and leadership support; stability and professional growth of both Mentor Teachers and Director Mentors by enhancing income, recognition, and professional development opportunities; more degree and certificate completion within institutions of higher learning by offering flexible practicum options; and development of higher quality ECE programs serving children and families in California communities. It is the integration of these activities that makes the impact unique.

For information about becoming a mentor teacher or director or requesting one, contact the COD Mentor Coordinator, Professor Wendy Hinrichs Sanders at

If you want to learn about general information about the Mentor Program, visit their website.