Child Development Training Consortium

Attention Students! The CDTC Grant Program has been revised. It is now called the CDTC Educational Support Grant. 

More students are able to qualify for this grant. There are three priorities: 

  1. Students who are currently employed in the field of Early Care and Education and are also taking courses at COD. 
  2. Students who are enrolled in Practicum ( CDE 204) 

The grant application is open right now. Follow the link below to apply

CDTC Child Development Permits/Applications

Please use the link below to learn more about the Child Development Permit Stipend/Applications opportunities 

Dear Student:
To be eligible for services through the Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC), you must go online to complete a Student Profile Application.

Step 1: Complete the Student Profile Application Online: The Student Profile Application is located on the Child Development Training Consortium Web Site at
Steps to locate and complete the Student Profile Application:
       A. On the home page, under “Students & Workforce”, select Early Childhood               Education (ECE) Student Career & Education Program.
       B. On the Services page, locate on the right the heading that states “CDTC                 Campus Students: Enroll in the ECE Student Career and Education                         Program."
       C. Select the “Student Profile Application” link.
       D. Select the Create Account link and fill out the information on the form (this             will allow you to access your Student Profile in future semesters).
                    a.If you are a returning student from 2015-2016, enter your login                             and password and selectthe “Add a Student Profile” link.
        E. Follow the 5 Steps below to either create a new Student Profile Application              or edit your existing Student Profile Application located on the “Student                  Profiles Workspace”:
                     1.Enter your Personal Information OR Update the” My Personal                                Information” section byselecting “Edit” if necessary.
                     2.Create a new Student Profile by selecting “Add a Student Profile”                           link - Complete the form andselect the “Save” button at the                                 bottom of the form.
                     3.To make changes to your existing Student Profile Application,                                select the “Edit” link OR tosubmit the completed Student Profile                            Application to your College Coordinator, select the“Submit to                                CDTC Campus Coordinator’s Review” link.
                      4.Select “Yes” to send to your College CDTC Coordinator (Note: you                           will no longer be able to edityour profile after sending to                                       Coordinator), and then select the “Submit” link.
                      5.Select the “Download and print the PDF version” link and print                               form (for the currentsemester). Have your employer complete                               Section C, (Employer or Self EmploymentInformation) and obtain                           the required printed name and title, and employer signature.                                 Submit the completed 2 page printed copy of the Student Profile                           form to your coordinator by thespecified due date shown below.
Step 2: Submit the 2 Page Printed Copy of the Student Profile to CDTC Coordinator on Your Campus by the Deadline Below:

Return the completed application to the coordinator at your campus. The application due date is October 1st (Fall), March 1st (Spring). The coordinator at your campus is Maria Avalos at the Indio Campus.
Thank you!

If you have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Maria Avalos at or leave a message at 760.674.7817