Group photo of EDGE Participants

Get the EDGE an​​d take the plEDGE!

EDGE/plEDGE is a college completion program that combines national best practices to support students from onboarding to completion. Giving students an EDGE into higher education, and making a plEDGE to help them complete.

What are the benefits of participating in EDGE/plEDGE?

Students who participate are able to take advantage of many opportunities, including:
  • Math and English/reading review
  • Priority registration for one semester following completion of EDGE
  • Dedicated faculty, counselors and staff
  • College student success strategies
  • Assistance with financial aid applications and financial literacy exposure
  • Follow up services and workshops
  • Free tuition and fees for two years with plEDGE!

What is EDGE?

EDGE prepares students for success in college by providing a smooth transition into college life and wrap around support services for two years while students are enrolled at COD. These support services include follow up calls, informational emails, dedicated counseling, financial aid assistance and student success workshops.

To prepare students for their college journey, EDGE provides a summer bridge component that includes a 3-week, fast-paced review of math and English, as well as the resources needed to be a successful college student. Completing the summer bridge program is a requirement to receive free tuition and fees for two years with plEDGE at College of the Desert.

What is plEDGE?

The plEDGE Program provides 2024 high school graduates (or equivalent) from the Coachella Valley* two full years of free tuition and fees at College of the Desert!

To participate in the plEDGE program students are required to:

  • Complete their plEDGE summer engagement requirement

  • Enroll full-time during the Fall and Spring semesters

  • Maintain good academic standing (GPA 2.0 or higher)

  • Participate in 10 hours of community service, mentoring or internships

  • Attend a career pathway workshop at the COD Career and Workforce Solutions Center

  • Check-in with an Outreach Specialist before the end of their first semester
  • Submit a FAFSA or Dream Act application that is received by the COD Financial Aid Office and have a completed financial aid file by December 16, 2024. Failure to meet this requirement will result in a hold on the students account as well as the student being responsible for their tuition and fees. 2023 plEDGE students must have a completed financial aid file by December 16, 2023.