College Goals

College of the Des​ert has established standards of success with respect to student achievement in relation to the institution’s mission as required by accreditation standards. The Data Evaluation Committee, a subcommittee of the College Planning Council, evaluates data on these standards, including the sources of the data, and recommends changes or improvements to the College Planning Council on an annual basis.

Institution Set Standards

ACCJC Standard I. B. 3. reads:

"The institution establishes institution-set standards for student achievement, appropriate to its mission, assesses how well it is achieving them in pursuit of continuous improvement, and publishes this information."

Using the most recent Annual Report, the college will reflect on its trend data on institution-set standards for course completion, certificate completion, degrees awarded, and transfer.

Vision for Success

Vision for Success is an initiative from the state Chancellor’s Office that was established in 2017. It requires that each college set goals in four areas with a timeline to achieve them by 2021-22. The Vision for Success goals are similar to the Institution Set Standards except they have subgoals, the transfer goal is limited to UC/CSU only, and there are two additional goals: the average number of units to complete an associate’s degree and the percent of students who are employed in the field of study. Please see the definitions page for a more detailed explanation of these metrics.

The Chancellor’s Office has directed colleges to use data from the Student Success Dashboard to help establish these goals. The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) was not able to replicate the numbers used in the dashboard, however. Because of this, the OIR produced numbers using the dashboard definitions and local MIS files. The college’s Aspiration and Floor goals are also displayed to compare how well the college’s goals align with these goals.