Research Request / Project Priorities

Research Priorities Framework

While it is our goal to meet all information requests effectively and in a timely manner, the realities of workload and staffing necessitate that the Office of Institutional Research must prioritize its activities. Please allow at least three to four weeks for your request to be completed. If you need a response sooner than that, please contact Oxana Aghaei, Director of Institutional Research, at extension 7212.

We endeavor to match priorities among ongoing projects and ad hoc requests to the District’s mission, goals, and strategies, using the following framework: 

  1. Mandated external reporting that may impact District funding (e.g., IPEDS, 320, MIS, enrollment).

  2. Ad hoc requests from the Superintendent/President’s Office, members of the Executive Leadership Team, or the Board of Trustees.

  3. High-value, ad hoc, immediate requests, such as legislative requirements, grant reporting, recurring reports, or compliance. 

  4. Time-sensitive projects pertaining to the District at large, such as enrollment, information for strategic planning, program review, District-wide student surveys, and program/project evaluations. 

  5. Projects that are relevant to individual divisions or departments. 

  6. Lower-value ad hoc requests, service and advice to faculty, staff, and students on projects that pertain to individual endeavors (e.g., student contact lists for surveys or events). 

We invite you to view our live Research Requests Calendar to help you plan your data need requests.

Financial Aid Information Research Requests

To ensure the Research Office is providing data in compliance with Department of Education regulations, all requests that require financial aid information (EFC/SAI, financial aid awards, ISIR data, etc.) will need to be approved first by the Director of Financial Aid, Kristin Milligan. Approval from the Financial Aid Office is required to be uploaded for the Research Office to process your request. To ensure that your request meets Department of Education standards, please follow the Data Sharing Decision Tree provided by the Department of Education. Financial Aid requests for consideration can be emailed to