The EXCEL files have been disabled due to their vulnerability to viruses. The Office of Institutional Research is in the process of converting those files into Power BI. These files are under construction and we appreciate your patience as we develop our skills so that we can provide you with the information that you have come to expect. If you do not see the information you want, please contact Director of Institutional Research, Oxana Aghaei. It is likely that we have the information in another format, just not available on the website. Thank you! 

Student Outcomes

Disproportionate impact will be incorporated into information on student outcomes. Please check the "Success and Retention" link below to see an example. Feedback is greatly appreciated!


Student Demographics, Fall Terms, 2015 to 2021

Student Equity and Achievement Data 2012 to 2021

Student Services

SEP T​ool

This tool shows the courses on Student Education Plans for upcoming semesters.

Student Majors

This dashboard shows student majors as of census.


This page shows data element definitions.