Fact Book - General Education Philosophy

At College of the Desert we provide students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning experiences that challenge and encourage them to become lifelong learners. The promise of general education is that it provides an integrative and comprehensive program that is broad and deep, introducing students to skills, knowledge and patterns of learning that foster better understanding of themselves and the world around them.


The need for skills, the quest for knowledge and the curiosity of the human spirit is interdisciplinary in nature, as reflected by the areas of study that comprise general education at College of the Desert. Natural Sciences lay the foundation for understanding living and non-living systems, introducing students to the power of systematic questioning. Social and Behavioral Sciences heighten students’ awareness of social, political and economic institutions and human behavior in contemporary, historical and geographical contexts. Arts, Humanities and Culture allow students to appreciate and develop philosophical, cultural, and literary perspective, encouraging independence and aesthetic sensibility. Language and Rationality emphasize active participation in clear communication, logical thought and quantitative reasoning. Ultimately, as students are exposed to Personal Growth and Development, they are asked to adapt, respond and grow in the diverse, global and rapidly changing environment of the 21st century as well-rounded global citizens.


General education at College of the Desert prepares students to live productive lives with self-understanding, respect for others and skills critical to lifelong learning.​