Navigating the Pivot Tables

Links within the Fact Book bring users to tables and charts which open within the browser.

charts and/or tables within the Fact Book are dynamic; meaning charts and/or tables within the Fact Book are dynamic; they can be manipulated by using slicers or by expanding the tables.

  • Expanding the tables
    • Many of the tables show data by academic year. To see data at the term level, click on the "+" icon to the left of the academic year to expand into terms.
    • Doing this will not only change the table, but the corresponding chart will also change.
    • To go back to the academic year level collapse the terms by clicking on the "-" icon.
  • Using slicers
    • Slicers are a tool which allows users to filter data -- for example, many of the tables and charts have slicers for Academic Program, Subject, School, and Department.
    • To filter the chart and/or table click on the item within the slicer that you would like to view. This will automatically change the data in both the chart and table.
    • Multiple selections can also be made by holding down the control key while making the selections within each slicer.
    • To remove filter from the data, click on the "x" icon on the top right of the slicer.

Note: The first time the slicer is used it will take a moment to update the data.