Objective 1.2 Accessibility and Accommodation

College of the Desert (COD) faculty and Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) engage in ongoing conversation to understand overlap between accessibility and accommodation

Objective 1.2 Current Maturity Status: Establishing to Optimizing

Level 1: Not Started to​ Learning

COD is educating faculty and relevant staff about what accessibility and accommodation entail.

  • College provides annual notification about how students may request accommodations

  • ​DSPS provided a statement which is included in course syllabi about how students may request accommodations

Level 2: Learning to Responding

COD is developing a documented accommodation process and responding in an ad hoc manner to faculty questions.

Level 3: Responding ​to Establishing

COD is implementing and promoting a clearly defined and documented process. COD defines a clear point of contact for faculty questions.

There is regular and ongoing ​communication between faculty and DSPS that emphasizes appropriate roles and responsibilities at the college. COD is regularly evaluating efficacy of the communication process with the goal of enhancing ongoing activities.

Immediate Next Steps​

  • DSPS and Institutional Research will develop and conduct a survey of faculty to determine if faculty feels supported if they have questions, and to see if there is increased understanding and perceived improved execution of accessibility and accommodations

  • College will evaluate faculty survey results and modify communication process to enhance ongoing activities

Potential Blocking Issues

  • None identified at this time​

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