Objective 3.4 Accessibility Communications Plan

College of the Desert (COD) develops an Accessibility Communications Plan detailing how accessibility information will be shared

Objective 3.4 Current Maturity Status: Learning to Responding

Level 1: Not Started to Learning

COD is aggregating relevant information to share. COD is filling any gaps identified by developing necessary policies and practices.

COD is responding accurately to requests for information and questions regarding accessibility. College is including accessibility statements in all places where needed.

  • All accessibility questions and requests for information are answered by IT within two (2) business days

Immediate Next Steps

  • Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) will update ADA complaints and concerns process to document two (2) business day response to accessibility questions and requests for information

  • Human Resources (HR) will update information to include how to ask a question and two (2) business day response time

  • IT will add accessibility links inside MyCOD and Canvas for students, and staff portal, to Accessibility Statement on COD web site

  • ISTC will update AP 3725​ (opens PDF), including examples of training materials and electronic documents

Level 3: Responding to Establishing

COD is developing, documenting, and implementing a process to proactively educate staff, faculty, and administrators about accessibility practices on campus. College is sharing relevant policy, process, and practices across institution. College is making accessibility standards across campus visible and transparent to students and community.

Next Steps

  • ISTC is developing a process to distribute accessibility information

  • Accessibility standards are being written in clear language and are being distributed

  • IT is creating a web version of Questions About Accessibility at COD (opens PDF) PDF information graphic

  • DSPS and Distance Education (DE) are proposing a statement for syllabus template to include link to Accessibility

  • IT is adding Questions About Accessibility at COD (opens PDF) to info screens

Level 4: Establishing to Optimizing

COD is developing a culture whereby it continuously communicates about accessibility, collects feedback, evaluates messaging, and makes necessary improvements.

  • College is incorporating accessibility updates in regular community communications

  • College is sending out accessibility feedback surveys, which are being reviewed by designated staff focused on accessibility who determine appropriate messaging changes

Potential Blocking Issues

  • Determining who needs to know what information, administrators, faculty, and staff

  • Tracking information and complaints for HR and DSPS​

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