Objective 2.1 ICT Purchasing Processes

College of the Desert (COD) adopts purchasing processes to ensure all information and communication technology (ICT) is evaluated for accessibility

Objective 2.1 Current Maturity Status: Learning to Responding

Level 1: Not Started to Learning

COD is informally addressing relevant accessibility concerns as related to purchasing processes in an ad hoc manner.

  • 2007, College established Administrative Procedure (AP) 6365 (opens PDF) – Accessibility of Information Technology

  • Products are evaluated by Information Technology (IT) for accessibility issues when a complaint or question arises from the campus community

  • 2019, College established Board Policy (BP) 3725 (opens PDF) and AP 3725 – Information and Communications Technology Accessibility Acceptable Use

COD is developing a programmatic approach to raising awareness about accessibility concerns among staff with purchasing role.

Immediate Next Steps

  • IT and Fiscal Services will create a purchasing checklist based on the COD ICT Section 508 Compliance Review and EEAAP Template (opens PDF)

  • IT and Fiscal Services will identify staff with purchasing role and develop purchasing checklist training

  • Staff with purchasing role will use a checklist of common accessibility concerns when reviewing ICT for purchase

  • Fiscal Services and IT will develop an inventory of ICT to review for accessibility conformance, including software, hardware, and web content

  • IT will create a Vendor Roadmap form to document remediation plans including date for next review

  • IT will review alternate access plans for vendor next steps

  • IT will develop an online HTML Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan form to replace the PDF version

Level 3: Responding to Establishing

COD is developing a documented purchasing process that ensures all ICT is evaluated for accessibility concerns. COD is designating at least one individual within the purchasing office who can facilitate and answer questions related to evaluating ICT for accessibility concerns.

Next Steps

  • College is identifying all staff with purchasing role and formalizes the decentralized purchasing process

  • Purchasing is adding an IT review to the contract requisition system

  • Staff with purchasing role are utilizing a defined process by which accessibility is determined during the purchasing process

  • Staff with purchasing role are contacting the Accessibility Specialist with accessibility evaluation questions

Level 4: Establishing to Optimizing

COD is regularly evaluating the efficacy of the procurement process. Every staff member involved in the procurement process is understanding their role as it pertains to accessibility in the procurement process.

  • Staff with purchasing role are developing a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities as part of the purchasing process

Potential Blocking Issues

  • Identifying the enforcement model for adherence to the defined process by which accessibility is determined within the College’s decentralized purchasing process

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