Objective 3.1 Accessibility Policy

College of the Desert (COD) adopts up-to-date accessibility policy

​Objective 3.1 Current Maturity Status: Establishing to Optimizing

​Level 1: Not Started to Learning

COD is reviewing current policies and practices to understand the intersection of state and federal law and its application in COD’s context.

  • 2017, College created Accessibility Work Group

  • 2019, College invited California Community Colleges Accessibility Center to review policies and practices with Information Technology (IT), Human Resources (HR), and Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) staff

​Level 2: Learning to Responding

COD is developing informal practices to respond to accessibility related concerns and challenges. COD is adopting the Accessibility Standard.

  • 2017, Accessibility Work Group identified key concerns and challenges and created temporary supports and practices

  • 2019, College created the Questions About Accessibility at COD (opens PDF) information graphic to document practices for responding to accessibility related concerns and challenges

  • 2019, IT emailed information about the updated Accessibility Resources web pages district wide

​Level 3: Responding to Establishing

COD is adopting and promoting a board policy and administrative procedures that address information and communication technology (ICT) and instructional material accessibility. COD trustees learn about and address accessibility issues through public hearings and adoption of board policy and administrative procedures.

COD is developing and implementing systems to socialize the underlying values of the board policy and administrative procedures such that accessibility becomes inherently embedded in decision making processes at the college.

​Immediate Next Steps

  • COD will provide training to all new hires on BP 3725 (opens PDF) and AP 3725 (opens PDF)

  • HR will create Accessibility Acknowledgement statement to include during onboarding of new hires

  • COD will require all staff and faculty to attend yearly workshop to refresh their understanding of policies and procedures that address ICT and instructional material accessibility

  • The Board will receive an annual refresher on BP 3725 (opens​ PDF) and AP 3725 (opens PDF)

​Potential Blocking Issues

  • Review training requirement with collective bargaining groups

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