Objective 3.3 Committees

Accessibility is infused into College of the Desert (COD) campus-wide committees and work groups

Objective 3.3 Current Maturity Status: Learning to Responding

Level 1: Not Started to Learning

COD is providing training to committee and work group members so they are familiar and aware of accessibility concerns in relevant campus issues.

COD committees and work groups are informally addressing relevant accessibility concerns in an ad hoc manner. Cadre of committee and work group members sufficient to meet the accessibility needs of campus are being trained and supported to more deeply understand accessibility issues.

  • Committee and work group members relied on Accessibility Specialist, Instructional Computer Support Specialist, and Faculty Accessibility Coaches to learn about accessibility concerns and creating accessible content

Immediate Next Steps

  • College will create the Communication Access Specialist position to provide committee and work group members additional support to address relevant accessibility concerns

  • College will send and pay for select staff and faculty members to attend accessibility workshops

  • College will add an “accommodations request statement” to Accessible Meeting Agenda template

  • College will identify current accessibility representatives on existing committees and work groups

Level 3: Responding to Establishing

COD is ensuring each committee and work group has a designated member capable of representing relevant accessibility concerns. College is developing and providing an ongoing program to train and support designated committee and work group members to be experts in accessibility issues.

Next Steps

  • Appointed Committee Chairs are receiving appropriate annual training about effectively ensuring accessible committee operations

  • College is defining an annual calendar of attendance for proposed accessibility related conferences

  • College is incorporating accessibility information and best practices from conferences College employees attend in an annual update

  • College is considering expanding Diversity Committee into the Accessibility Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

Level 4: Establishing to Optimizing

COD is ensuring accessibility is a continuous concern and part of the decision-making process for all committees and work groups. All members are actively holding committee and work group accountable for accessibility concerns.

  • College is surveying committee chairs about how accessibility is being incorporated into committees and evaluates results

  • All committee decisions are being screened with the question “What impact does this have on accessibility?”

Potential Blocking Issues

  • Funding for committee and work group member trainings

  • Funding for conferences

  • Developing and maintaining the training script

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