Objective 3.2 Job Descriptions

College of the Desert (COD) job descriptions include accessibility attributes and skills

Objective 3.2 Current Maturity Status: Not Started to Learning

COD is informally addressing relevant accessibility concerns in an ad hoc manner.

  • 2019, Accessibility Specialist created accessible job description template for Human Resources (HR) to review

Immediate Next Steps

  • Accessibility Specialist will draft job description accessibility attributes and skills boiler plate language for HR to review

  • When posting new jobs, HR will use language and templates with accessibility attributes and skills

Level 2: Learning to Responding

COD is raising awareness by developing training for those who are creating hiring processes (i.e., writing job descriptions, creating interview questions and hiring tests, and establishing hiring practices).

Next Steps

  • HR is identifying a person for the Accessibility Specialist to work with to consider how interview questions, tests, and job assignments reflect universal design

  • HR is identifying a person for the Accessibility Specialist to work with to review resources such as the Job Accommodations Network (JAN)

  • HR and Accessibility Specialist are reviewing resources such as JAN

  • College is engaging an expert to deliver a series of trainings and workshops for those involved in the hiring process

Level 3: Responding to Establishing

COD is asking about accessibility needs for all job descriptions. COD is ensuring that all jobs with a web or information and communication technology (ICT) component are taking into account the Accessibility Standard and corresponding board policies and administrative procedures.

  • Diversity Committee is engaging in an annual review of job descriptions for accessibility components and to ensure that all relevant jobs take into account the Accessibility Standard​

Level 4: Establishing to Optimizing

COD is actively incorporating the values of universal design and accessibility into all relevant jobs.

  • “Accessibility Liaisons” are acting in an advisory role with HR and for all District job descriptions and postings

  • Job descriptions, policies, and procedures are being reviewed and updated annually

Potential Blocking Issues

  • Identifying internal expertise or outside expert to facilitate the trainings about including accessibility attributes and skills in job descriptions for those involved in the hiring process

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