Objective 4.2 Accessibility Voices on Standing Committees

College of the Desert (COD) ensures accessibility voices are represented on standing committees (i.e., facilities, procurement, safety, instruction, etc.)

Objective 4.2 Current Maturity Status: Not Started to Learning

Committees are being educated to the accessibility concerns relevant to their issues. COD is focusing on implementing Objective 4.1.

Immediate Next Steps

  • Accessibility Liaison at the Executive Cabinet level will work with the Outreach and Training Committee and/or the Diversity Committee to organize presentations to all committees individually describing the intersection of accessibility with their work

Level 2: Learning to Responding

COD is identifying specific experts that can serve as resources to committees.

Next Steps

  • Accessibility Liaison will identify and assign staff and faculty with accessibility expertise to serve as committee resources

Level 3: Responding to Establishing

Shared governance and other relevant committees are explicitly requiring accessibility voices as members of the committee.

  • Requirements for accessibility experts are being written into committee bylaws where appropriate

Level 4: Establishing to Optimizing

COD is ensuring that committee members fully understand accessibility concerns. COD is ensuring that every individual committee member can represent those issues.

  • All committee members are receiving training about Section 508 and its specific application on campus on an annual basis

Potential Blocking Issues

  • Implementing Objective 4.1 and creating Accessibility Liaison

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