Objective 2.2 Training and Support

College of the Desert (COD) faculty and staff receive dedicated training and ongoing support for choosing, creating, and using accessible technology

Objective 2.2 Current Maturity Status: Responding to Establishing

Level 1: Not Started to Learning

COD is providing information to faculty and staff about existing resources and training opportunities.

  • 2018, Information Technology (IT) created and shared an Accessibility Resources web page with faculty and staff, including links to external training programs.

  • 2017, College hired Distance Education and Instructional Design Coordinator to provide training for faculty

  • 2019, IT emailed Purchaser Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (opens PDF in Google Drive) to all faculty and staff

  • IT provides accessibility training during FLEX for faculty and training sessions through IT Technology Training for both faculty and staff

Level 2: Learning to Responding

COD is dedicating resources and training support to faculty and staff to support them in choosing, creating, and using accessible technology.

  • 2017, College invited guest speaker to deliver workshop on Section 508 to train faculty and staff

  • 2019, College invited California Community Colleges Accessibility Center to provide training to IT, Human Resources (HR), and Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) staff

  • 2019, IT developed process to document alternate access plans using the COD ICT Section 508 Compliance Review and EEAAP Template (opens PDF)

COD is implementing a regular, defined, and documented process by which faculty and staff receive training in choosing, creating, and using accessible technology. Cadre of experts are being trained and supported to develop a community of practice capable of meeting institutional needs.

Immediate Next Steps

  • IT will develop “accessibility puzzles” with nominal incentives to raise awareness among campus community

  • College will provide experiential workshop to raise awareness

  • DSPS and Student Life will organize events to highlight accessibility, before Spring Break and in October during National Disability Employment Awareness Month

  • College will dedicate staff member to develop training resources and provide trainings for staff, including online trainings

  • IT will develop a web site hackathon-style training for web content authors

  • College is recruiting and training staff and faculty on reassigned time to become local institutional resources for accessible information and communication technology (ICT)

Level 4: Establishing to Optimizing

College is regularly evaluating efficacy of training process and making program improvements

  • College is surveying campus community to identify individuals with disabilities and determine if they have experienced challenges utilizing technology

  • Retention, success, and completion are increasing annually for students with disabilities

  • College is reviewing and evaluating type and quantity of complaints as they relate to campus technology access

Potential Blocking Issues

  • Funding for accessibility activities and events

  • Finding for reassigned time

  • Acceptance of applying accessibility techniques in day-to-day operations

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